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Our Affiliate Program provides a dynamic opportunity for you to multiply your revenue by promoting our SaaS service and earn commissions.

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Monitor Clicks & Conversions

Our affiliate management partner, Trackdesk, provides a powerful affiliate dashboard. This dashboard gives you the option to real-time track performance, including clicks and conversions of your campaigns.

Complete Transparency

Monitor incoming transactions and easily initiate payouts. Our partners are empowered to manage their affiliate income with transparency and ease.

Monthly Payouts

Experience the convenience of instant payouts with our affiliate program. Say goodbye to waiting and access your earnings swiftly, enhancing your financial flexibility and rewarding your efforts promptly.


Connect your PayPal account to get automated payouts of your commission.


Eligibility & Commission

01Eligibility Requirements

Our Affiliate Program welcomes a diverse range of individuals and entities, including bloggers, website owners, social media influencers, and businesses seeking new revenue streams.

However, it’s important to note that our program is not suitable for affiliates engaging in unethical practices, such as promoting our services through misleading tactics, inappropriate content, or any form of spam. We value ethical and authentic promotion that benefits all parties involved.

02Where can you advertise?

As an affiliate, you’ll have the flexibility to share your unique affiliate link across various platforms. From your website or blog to your social media profiles, email newsletters, and more – the possibilities are vast. This versatility allows you to reach a wider audience and leverage the platforms you’re already active on.

We do not allow affiliates to promote our program through cashback websites, conduct CPC campaigns on search engines, or utilize pop-ups for promotion. We prioritize ethical and transparent promotional methods to ensure a positive experience for both affiliates and users.

03Commission Structure

We reward you with an impressive 30% commission for the first two purchases made by new customers referred to through your unique affiliate link.

This means that your hard work pays off with substantial returns for every successful referral you bring in. Over 60% of our clients have a repeat order. It’s our way of recognizing your dedication and contribution to our community.

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